Tuesday, 4 December 2018

UK Government Guilty of Contempt.

For the first time in over a century, the UK government have been found to be in contempt of Parliament. It is down to the failure to publish in full, the legalities of the brexit process. The government have now said that it will be published in full tomorrow the 5th December.
The Scottish Parliament have been successful in bringing a case to the European Court of Justice concerning article 50. The ' advisory ' decision that makes it possible for the UK Parliament to be able to withdraw article 50 and automatically remain in the EU. A final decision will be made before Christmas. In reality that will never happen, but it gives an opportunity to hold another referendum. A sort of get out of jail free card.
 The Parliamentary debate on the proposed deal to leave the EU has started and is expected to last till Monday 10th December with a vote a day later. I will update the blog about that as the week progresses.
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Monday, 3 December 2018

Where to start.

This is my first post for quite a while. The government of the so called "United" Kingdom is in complete disarray. The opposition are no better off. The fact that the Labour party couldn't  win the last general election even though Teresa May's Conservative party fought one of the most inept campaigns in history. Jeremy Corbyn couldn't inspire enough voters to produce a Labour victory. That being said, the Tories don't now have an outright majority. They remain in government due to May offering a bribe to a bunch of homophobic, racist and sectarian bigots called the DUP from Northern Ireland.
That's the background to what has transpired since. The most important piece of legislation the UK has had to implement since the 1960s has degenerated into farce and incompetence by a government that puts self interest before proper public service. Of course I'm talking about BREXIT. We are now at the business end of the process and after two years of so called negotiations, we have two choices, take it or leave it, otherwise known as May's cobbled together disaster of a deal or no deal whatsoever. A substantial portion of tory mps have said that they will vote against the deal. There have even been threats to trigger a vote of no confidence in the PM. A five day debate starts tomorrow the 4th of December with a parliamentary vote on the deal on Tuesday 11th December. The outcome is far from certain.
  The referendum that triggered BREXIT was won UK wide by the leave side however, Scotland voted remain by 62% to 37%. Northern Ireland also voted remain. Both England and Wales obviously voted leave with only London producing a remain vote. The fact that numerous cases of electoral fraud by the brexiteers were reported and then swept under the carpet has been virtually ignored by the likes of the BBC. Since the referendum the devolved government in Scotland have been almost completely ignored to such an extent that Independence from the UK is very much on the cards. The trending hashtags on Scottish Twitter sites are #indyref2 and #Dissolvetheunion The Scottish branch of the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem party's are in full panic mode.
  The upshot is that as I said earlier, the debate starts tomorrow and is televised. I will be watching and will endeavour to post on the days proceedings.
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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Climate Change.

I feel I have to have my say about the farce that is the climate change debate. I read an article a couple of weeks ago from the UN stating that we have 10 years to stop climate change. Are they being serious? Stop climate change. What time of year will it stop? I hope it's summer, wouldn't want to live in perpetual winter. Yes, now I'm being ridiculous. The great American comedian, George Carlin summed it up when he said, " The planet's fine, it's humans that are the problem." He went on to say that human arrogance knows no bounds if we think that we can save the planet. The planet has been in existence for billions of years and undergone many transformations through meteor strikes, ice ages, volcanic activity and floods, and, yes, it's still here. I do agree with one point, pollution is a problem but, if the powers that be really believed that pollution could signal the end of the world, they would have acted to stop the use of fossil fuels long before now. I could go on about chemtrails, HAARP etc. but in the grand scheme of things, the earth will be here long after we have vanished from history. If we were a danger, to use once again the words of George Carlin, " The planet would shake us off like a dog shakes off fleas. "
In my opinion, man made climate change is a pretext that is being used by the one percenters to scam us out of money, ie. carbon tax.
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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Few Bits and Bobs.

First of all, there is nothing new happening, it's all just a continuation of what has been happening for months. Trump is still ruffling the feathers of the 20 something trendy Wendy's who seem to be able to be offended by everything and everyone.
To be fair, a lot of the so called protests (riots) have been stirred up by George Soros run NGOs. Anyway, Soros is for another day.
At the moment, the UK is being visited by the leader of that apartheid state in the middle East. Yes, I mean Israel's very own Benny Netanyahoo. There have been some protests but nothing on the same scale of the Trump protests. Oh yes, the BBC have shown scant interest in covering them. I wonder why?
The brexit fiasco continues its weary way through parliament where Tories are allowed 25 minutes to speak and then an SNP MP is shouted down by the deputy speaker after less than half a minute. Balanced politics is certainly not in evidence in parliament.
I watched the Superbowl on Sunday. For three quarters Atlanta had the game in the bag, the fourth quarter however, their defense looked tired and to their credit, the Patriots took full advantage. I wish it had been Seattle but they fell short. Hey ho, on to next season.
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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Trump, Brexit and Referenda.

Trump. What do we make of him so far? Well, apart from provoking hatred throughout the world, he has done nothing to suggest that he will be the president he said he would. Alright, it's early days but one would have thought that someone with an ego the size of his would have made more of the early opportunity to shine. All he has done is to divide his country even more than it was. The announcement of a state visit to the UK has encouraged people to take to the streets in many cities throughout the UK. In fact, we haven't had such scenes since the poll tax riots during Thatcher's tenure. The anti Trump protests in the USA have, according to various alternative news sources, been organised and funded by George Soros, that well known troublemaker. Whether he has done the same here in the UK is uncertain but I wouldn't be surprised.
If the UK government thought that Trump would distract us from Theresa May's brexit fiasco, they were wrong. May was in Cardiff yesterday meeting the heads of the devolved administration's. Nothing of any note was decided. Pretty much as predicted. Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon would not be drawn on whether she will call for another independence referendum. The BBC are obsessed about it. Every news bulletin has at least one mention of it. The Scottish Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems seem to be scared stiff of any mention of a referendum. My prediction is that another referendum will take place no earlier than May 2020. I also predict that there will be another EU referendum in the UK. taking place in 2018. Well that's enough of the crystal ball for today.
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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Miscellaneous Current Affairs.

Back again after a stay in hospital. Ankle fusion operation. Still in plaster but on the mend.
 Since my last post Trump has been elected, Britain's brexit, despite all the furore in the courts about parliament or the PM having the final say on instigating Article 50, we are no further forward in the process. Trump however is signing executive orders like there is no tomorrow.
   On the home front, the Scottish parliament along with Wales and Northern Ireland are to be frozen out of brexit negotiations. A second independence referendum in Scotland seems inevitable. The timeline for that is still to be arranged. My guess is 2020.
 Fake news is all the rage. BBC have been at it for years but it seems that Fox, Sky, CNN, MSNBC etc. have shown an appetite for it also. The Russians are to blame for everything, probably even the extinction of the dinosaurs.
All in all we live in eventful times. How will it all pan out? Who knows. It will however, be interesting.
Till next time.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

US Election Result.

Well, it happened. The USA voted Trump as President. I was convinced that Clinton would have won easily. The lesson learned is 'don't trust public opinion polls'. Anyway, now, love him or hate him, Americans will have to work with him. Hang on a minute. I'm talking as if Trump will actually be making the big decisions himself, he won't. The big lobbyists like AIPAC, the pharmaceuticals and the military industrial complex to name three will use every underhand method known to man to get their own way. Also, it all depends on who he gets to serve with him in the White House. There is a lot of if's and but's to unravel before we can tell how Trump's Presidency will pan out. One more thing, I can't wait to see him try and get the likes of Fox News, CNN etc. on his side.
Till next time.